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Lots of online education happens with me. I love teaching online because I know how hectic things get.

Myself personally, I am juggling a lot. I am juggling parenthood, spa business, relationships, and more. To be able to train online gives people flexibility. Especially now, when we can catch a recording or replay. The trend has been set for videos and more time friendly options.

I decided I would begin to stop doing ALL live classes and do recorded ones. This list below, is our current inventory. All you need to do is PayPal the funds for the course, and it will be emailed to you.

Learn on your own time frame, Learn when your able to sit down and focus. Watch the replay as much as you need to, because it is there for you. In this emailed course, you will have articles to support the topic being taught.

Courses I offer are business courses, essential oil courses, and some fun courses.

Scroll below to see our online courses:




One of the things I can contribute to moving at a face pace with my business is video marketing. The trends are showing that we are moving more towards video marketing more than any other kind of marketing out there. From Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube, there are many ways to market your brand. Consumers are showing it works as well.
This course is perfect for the beginner or an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to master videos, in order to increase business. I find this method works with any business!! Spa Professionals, Network Marketing, Coaching, Selling, and do not forget to EDUCATE with video as well.
Register for this course below, the deadline to register for this class is Friday May 12th. The class will be emailed the following day before midnight that night. Sat 13th.

This workshop will show you how to create and have confidence to make videos for Facebook Live, YouTube and other social media outlets.Summary of course:

Learn how to set the tone for your live videos
Learn the formula to a perfect flow for your live videos
Learn how to create your ideal audience, with your live videos
Learn how to find topics that will engage your audience
Learn how to build confidence while you build your brand.

You will also have access to our Facebook Tribe page to practice your videos before you go LIVE in your news feed.


This is a pre recorded class that will be emailed to you!

We love this format! The class will be sent via email through Eventbrite. THE EMAIL YOU REGISTER WITH FOR THE COURSE IS WHERE THE COURSE WILL BE SENT.

Watch the course on your own time. Have the tribe support you in your journey. May will be video month for our tribe page.

The Facebook tribe page is:

Cost for class is $55

Video Marketing





This is a class for those who are looking to increase your audience for your Instagram posts.

This 101 class will go over the basics of posting. Using hashtags, and how to increase your traffic.

These are tips and tricks that I have learned and researched. Lots of great information in this short course.

We will also be emailing this course to your inbox, so you can watch at your own pace. Also you will be able to keep record of this course for future use.

learn how to gain more followers by using daily exercises
learn the hashtags basics and which are the most effective to use as a business owner for engagement
learn how to create content that brings followers in
learn how to set a 30 day posting schedule
learn how to advertise on Instagram
5 steps to breaking the algorithm that Instagram has set up
how to set up your profile with key words that drive traffic to you

Course is $55.


Instagram Boost Course





You can pay for the workshop, and you will be EMAILED the class. This is designed for you to be able to learn at your own pace, retain the files. Stones and Aromatherapy will be part of an ongoing series for the year. Lots to learn on this topic.


This will focus on the beginning aspects of learning about stones. How to use your stones during the day, how to care for them, how to cleanse them, how to use for energy work, how to add your essential oils with your stone routines.

This is a great class for beginners, people who want to work on cleansing energy, empower your mindset.

Cost for class is $35.

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