Essential Oils

Essential Oil Education is HUGE as a brand new user. You want to find someone who can show you the ropes, and direct you to resources. With the correct resources, your essential oils journey becomes fun, interesting and very eye-opening. Being able to offer an alternative in your home, life and work brings many benefits. You will find yourself empowered by knowing you can practice self-care, which makes wellness achievable.

Essential oils are used in homes for a variety of reasons… Some of my favorites:

  • keeping kids immune systems healthy, less time out of school
  • keeping parents working, supporting immunity, as well as stressful jobs
  • cleaning your home in a non-toxic manner
  • saving money at the grocery store using essential oils
  • cooking with essential oils
  • mood management
  • an alternative to nasty candles, petrochemicals, air fresheners, artificial fragrances
  • supports EVERY system our bodies have
  • supports pet health and emotional well being
  • helps kids with many behaviors, habits and supports healthy responses
  • laundry, household chores
  • may promote sleep and restful nights rest

I am sure there are more reasons why essential oils are pretty cool.  I love them, I currently do not endorse a specific company, but I believe in the power of essential oils. I keep this information on my site to help others educate on Essential Oils. If you need some essential oils, message me, I will send you to my friend. 

Safety Guide to Essential Oils

Beginners Guide to Essential Oils