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I have been on a fun journey with my wellness spa in the last six months. We brought in CBD oil into our wellness spa to enhance services that clients were receiving. The results were AMAZING. From skin care to pain management, it is safe to say that CBD oil and products are truly a gift from the earth. 

In our advanced treatments, we have been using essential oils, infused with CBD oil. From Acne, Sun Spots, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Pain Management have improved dramatically in one treatment. The new line of CBD products at the spa is moving off the shelf quickly, I decided to partner up with my husband, and our close friend to get more education.

What is Hemp-Derived CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD), a constituent that naturally occurs in industrial Hemp, is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that are identified in the cannabis plant. This process is CO2 extracted, resulting in a solvent-free, pure extract. 

The History Of Hemp


Third Party Lab Testing & Product Certificates

This is a HUGE DEAL. As a consumer of essential oils for over a decade, I can tell you that purity is vital for efficacy. When the plant is harvested with good quality DNA, the chemical constituents are balanced, and a superior product is formed.  Any additives or chemical imbalances can harm you, both with CBD and essential oils. You need to trust the source you’re getting your oil from, and products. 

I love the fact most brands I use for essential oils and CBD are third-party tested. The lab has nothing to gain or lose based on the results. CBD is testing a lot like essential oils.  Every single batch that is produced undergoes third party testing to ensure that the safety, quality, and potency of our products uphold standards.

  • Gas Chromatography Tests
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Potency Tests
  • Antimicrobial Tests


Health Benefits

There are SO MANY BENEFITS! From pain management, anti-aging, assisting with blood sugar regulation, aids in sleep just to mention a few. 

brain   Mental and Brain Health

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil affects principal cannabinoid receptors in the brain promoting a healthy state of mind.

heart General Health

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has incredible benefits and may improve overall wellness.


indexIcon3Healthy Balance

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil may help restore healthy balance to the endocannabinoid system.

What is my Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system is a biological system which plays many important roles in the human body. It is also responsible for the physical and psychological effects of cannabis.

Scientists first discovered the system while trying to understand the effects of cannabis, and named it the endocannabinoid system for this reason.

Endo stands for endogenous, which means originating within the body. Cannabinoid refers to the group of compounds that activate this system.

The endocannabinoid system is a major target of medical research because of its widespread effects and therapeutic potential. Learn more by clicking HERE.


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