Become an Essential Oil Educator


One of the perks of my job is to be able to help people. Help them look beautiful, help them look younger….boost self-confidence, encourage relaxation, self-care, assist in nurturing a positive outlook.

The Essential Oil business is something that will reach and exceed all those goals above. It’s a fun team environment for learning, but you are the boss, so you can decide how and when to take your essential oil knowledge to the next level.

Our online support systems enable us to train, educate and help you build your business online. We don’t even need to be in the same country! This is a worldwide opportunity, and we are able to teach you how to educate in your area. You will be assigned a team of mentors, or team leaders to assist you in your new Essential Oil journey.

I work with a large number of salons and spas. We have a lot of skincare, nail techs. In our circle, many massage therapists. Natural Physicians, Nurses, and Business Owners. Lots of people to learn from, our network is set up for success. We offer great online training, mentorship programs, and the opportunity to not only make an income but help others.

I personally have been using essential oils over a decade. So when the opportunity came to be able to use them at the spa, and for clients in homes, it became a quick business to grow. I have been able to travel all across the United States in training other oil educators the basics of the essential oil business.

The passion that ignites when we find solace in our humblings, shows us that actual happiness stems from helping others. If your into more of a natural approach to your health and can see yourself educating others on the gifts of essential oils, please fill out the form below.



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