Make People Love Your Business


No matter what kind of business we run, we have to deal with people who come to us for products or services. Many times, little touches make people feel welcomed into your space. This is what you want, people who feel comfortable coming to your business, having an excellent experience.

With having that excellent experience, now the word of mouth referrals begin to happen. The best kind of advertising! This is your ultimate goal with any business you have. I have built my spa business one hundred percent on word of mouth, the advertising budget for the spa is less than four hundred dollars a year. So… how do you do that? How do you make customers super loyal?

The answer is simple. You spoil them!! You love on them. You make them feel important. That is all they will remember long after the transaction is over, how you made them feel.

Here is a small list of things you can do to get the ‘edge’ you need to create loyal customers, create long-lasting friendships. Loving on people is truly one of the things you can do every single day.

  • Quick Communications. Text, Phone, Email
  • Birthday Reminders. Cards, Text, Phone, Email, In person
  • Social Media Coupons, Events, Sales, Promotions
  • Loyalty Programs. Punch cards, take money off a service or product
  • Thank You Packages. 1 year anniversaries, events
  • Handwritten Notes.
  • Respond to all Comments.
  • Extra Advice.
  • Being Organized.
  • Personal Worksheets. Cards.
  • Send a Card via mail. Valentines, Seasonal

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