Holiday Hand Soap


This was an absolute last-minute DIY. To give everyone fair warning, I am not much of the DIY type. Seems some projects are great, and others are a hot mess. So I am very selective in what I choose.

The prompt of this project is pretty comical. Last year I purchased a ton of Christmas clearance items. As usual, I pack away my treasures, then find them the following year. Last year I decided to decorate the bathroom for this year. So I had new towels, shower curtain, and cute new soap dispenser. The other day at the store I had stumbled upon a pine scented hand soap…then the idea hit. I have an entire bottle of castile soap under the sink, I have never used. I do not even know how to use it. I knew it was concentrated.

So the idea hit…use the castile soap to make hand soap. Use essential oils, and fill up the cute new container. Went on to Pinterest and began to look for steps, ingredients. So many choices… I decided to take a little from each pin and formulate my own soap.

Within a few minutes I had it narrowed down to what I needed to make the soap.


So that is what you need. Distilled Water. Castile Soap. Essential Oils of your choice. I chose the Holiday Joy and Douglas Fir. The holiday joy is amazing, clove. cinnamon to mention a few. Also good for boosting immune system. The Douglas Fir is uplifting, crisp and clean smelling.

2016-11-27_21-57-56So this is what you need to make the soap:

  • 1 to 2 TBS of Castile Soap ( I used 2)
  • 15-25 Drops Of Essential Oil ( I used mostly Holiday Joy and a little bit of Douglas Fir.)
  • Distilled Water
  • Container to put your soap in
  • Bowl
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Whisk

I began by putting the two tablespoons of soap in the bowl, added my oils, whisked lightly. Poured into the container, then added the distilled water until full. Shake lightly with lid on, and let sit. Ready to go!


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