6 Golden Rules for Leadership



Leadership I believe comes naturally to some, and for many you begin to evolve into a leader. I watch my kids and I know who will lead the pack from the two little personalities. I see a strong sense of independence, strong will and the creativity to think outside the box. As adults, we do not often see ourselves in a leadership role…but many of us are leading the pack. At home and at work, we use leadership skills.

I was always strong-willed, and I never would have imagined that I would have evolved into the leader I am today. I find myself constantly learning, imagining new things and helping others set plans into motion. I did have a great career in my early 20’s before I went self-employed. Being a manager for many years, allowed me to be groomed perfectly for self employment.

Now that I manage the day spa, and my essential oils business, and mentoring….I find leadership skills are a must in handling the personalities each day. I have narrowed down my list to 6 golden rules of leadership. You will find that I do most of these, if not all of them. I am always a work in progress, and I love learning from others.


  1. Make all choices INTENTIONAL.

In our day-to-day rituals, we have the ups and downs. The one thing we can control is how we react to these things that happen to us.  We can begin to make different choices, which are mindful. Making choices based on your core values as a human being. I find with this approach many of the issues that we face, are minor in comparison. When you think of who you want to be in this world is when your decisions become more intentional. They shift the perspective…and make choices easier to make.

2. UNCOMFORTABLE is now your new reality.

Yup. I said it. GET UNCOMFORTABLE. Stretching your limits, not only makes you stand out, it begins to set a very positive pattern. Each little stretch, makes you stronger, and willing to go for more. It is much like working a muscle, over a period of time, you find yourself doing more than you ever imagined. KEEP STRETCHING!  Consider how your life would change if you were not driven to make choices based on fear. Consider how you feel after you accomplish something that was out of the “zone”. Was it really that scary? Did you almost die? Yes. It may have been scary. Yes. You felt like you would die from your heart pounding. But you did it. You made it.

This also helps set the example for others. As I began to do video marketing, I noticed a trend. I noticed more people were doing videos. I now see several of my tribe doing videos online, and doing so well at it. Set the bar for success, create a path for others.

3. Be authentic. Be YOU.

The world needs YOU. This is the hardest lesson I have had to learn in my entire life. We have a need to be accepted, and loved. We often hide our true identity because everyone is scared of rejection. Even the strong are.

Something I always think is “your vibe attracts your tribe”. This is so true. I am proof of it. I finally was able to leave behind the people who suck the life out of me, and bring in new tribe who are abundant, happy and help me learn. Those are the people you want! You get them by attraction, and that is YOU.

4. Say Thank You.

As you grow your tribe, you will notice that certain people bring a huge aspect to the table. You will begin to see that you have so many different kinds of gifts in the tribe you have attracted. You need to know that your gratitude is something that they NEED TO HEAR.

Small gestures such as texting, leaving a note go a long way. It is vital. When big things are accomplished, thank you is something that keeps people going. It helps them trust and love you, and know that you have the best interest of the tribe at heart.

5. Integrity. Have some.

This is something that seems easy to say, but action requires intentional thought. We all know right from wrong, but life seems to offer up some shortcuts at times. Do not do it. Do not fall into the shortcut mode, because in the end, it will come back to bite you. You do not want to have any part in this. The universe does not like this method, and I recommend you take some time deciding what your core values are.

When you conduct yourself with integrity, you attract those people who are also running on this principle. You become a trusted source in your community, friends and tribe. It is vital you set the example of having to at times take the hard road.

6. Stay Away from “Management Mode”

The biggest piece I can give you is very simple. Do not ask others to do, which you refuse to do yourself. That one nugget there is one to live by. It may be one of the most important things on this list when your put in a leadership role. People will constantly be looking at you to make the right choices, seeing what you’re doing for your success.

If you work in sales, get out in the field. If you run a salon, get into the trenches with your staff. The more you work together, the more you will understand each person has different needs. You will be able to address them much more efficiently. Most important, you set the bar of standard. They know on a subconscious level that they must follow that path as well.

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