Essential Oils for Beginners



This blog will go into the basics of essential oil terminology, methods of use as well as some of the most common uses for popular oils.

Basic E.O. Terminology

Essential Oils: They are natural compounds. They come from plants. Seeds, bark, roots, flowers depending on how the oils are harvested for best potency. Essential oils contain unique properties that can have powerful  benefits in your health and wellness.

Carrier Oil: This is a liquid or lipid base product that helps dilute essential oils. Coconut, Almond, Grapeseed oils are some examples. Many people also love non scented lotions to mix with essential oils. Dilution is wonderful. It increases your budget for getting more bang for your buck. By using a carrier, you will also get more surface area for your oils. I absolutely love coconut oil and unscented lotion.

Distillation: The process of extracting the essential oil from plant material. Each plant is distilled differently. In citrus oils, a cold pressed distillation is a mechanical press. This press squeezes the oils from the plant.  Steam distillation is the most common method. This will use low heat that is pressurized steam circulate into the plants components, and extract oils. I like to tell people it is similar to a pressure cooker for your kitchen.


Methods of Use

You can use essential oils in three ways. This helps address many issues you may need to support, depending on the method that is used. The three ways are super simple. Aromatic. Internal. Topical.

Aromatic: this is where your smell will dominate!!! Many people like to diffuse oils in a diffuser, which is a machine that sends out ultrasonic waves and disperses the oils into the air. This is a very popular method to using essential oils.  There is a lot of science behind what we smell, this helps mood as well. Other ways are putting oils in your hands and cupping them, inhale deeply. They also make many types of diffuser jewelry, wear your favorite scent.

Internal: Essential Oils can be taken internally. One thing I always advise new users to look for is a supplemental fact form. You will see this on foods, and on your oils. This will insure they are able to be used for ingestion. So if there is NO fact form, DO NOT consume internally. You may add oils to food, drinks, inside a capsule with coconut oil. When cooking with them, you are able to cut some of your costs on produce.

Topical: This may be MY favorite way to love on my oils. I love to wear them. I find they help me with my moods, set the tone for the day. People love to hug me. I always smell amazing. Certain oils I have noticed will attract people to me, or keep me even keeled. Topical use is applying it to the skin. The only thing you need to watch out for is skin sensitivity. You can put them in other personal care items. Remember, the oils are strong! 1 drop of peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea.

Basic Oils

Lemon: Cleansing. Uplifting. Revitalizing.

  • Diffuse to help purify air (this is a bottle of oil I diffuse 2 a month. I love it in my living room)
  • Use to clean off STICKY stuff. As a mom, this rocks. Wipe off sticky gum, glue or any other sticky things. Price tags! A great one for me to save my manicure. As a skin care specialist, we use lemon oil to clean the wax pots.
  • Take internally to help support good digestion. Put in your favorite drinks, I love a drop of lemon in my ice tea.

Frankincense: Grounding. Spiritual. Beautifying.

  • Excellent for anti aging! Get it on your skin, add to face moisturizer. Use daily.
  • Skin issues. Apply daily to problem areas.
  • Promotes balance. I absolutely love to use this oil for a long day, tired and feeling emotionally drained.
  • Can use internally to help promote cellular function and help boost immune system.
  • The rule is: When in doubt, Use Frank.

Peppermint: Cooling. Awakening. Fresh.

  • Bugs hate peppermint. Spiders etc. A nice little trick I love is using peppermint oil on cotton balls, place around under the bed…. I really DO NOT like bugs.
  • Tired? Use peppermint to help wake you up. Behind the neck or one drop in your mouth. Be ready it is going to WAKE you.
  • Take internally for occasional upset stomach or gas. My husband says to put it in water. One drop. Drink.
  • Rub on the head and neck to release tension, and head tension.
  • Will also help the scalp. Add to conditioner.

Lavender: Soothing. Calming. Relaxing

  • Cuts, Scrapes, Bruises, Bug Bites. Apply lavender. We keep a bottle in the kitchen.
  • Use to help assist sleep. Spray some on your pillow, use in diffuser.
  • Consume 1 or 2 drops to help calm nervous system.
  • Can help with skin care issues, help take redness down.

Melaleuca ( Tea Tree ): Cleansing. Soothing. Skin.

  • Perfect to use after shaving, diluted.
  • Good for cleaning surfaces.
  • Add to shampoo for a clean feeling
  • Good to have on hand for first aid


If you want to learn more about essential oil safety, please click here


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