10 Ways to Lower Your Stress



We all get stressed.

Life at times, even in the best, gets stressful. Scheduling alone I feel as though it keeps me on the edge. I love being on the edge, it is where I thrive most. But to be able to keep this busy I must practice self care. I must take advantage of these things I can change in my daily routines to work at maximum capacity. You must fill your glass before others.

Here are some of my personal favorite things I try to do for myself.

  1. Take off the mask. Time to get real here. We are many times subjected to hide who we really are at times as adults. We worry that someone may not like our laugh or feel the need to always be “happy” because it is easier to do than be honest. BE YOURSELF.
  2. Practice being grateful. Each day jot down a couple of things you are thankful for. Even if it has been a horrid day. Be grateful for the roof, stars and a blanket. This exercise will remind you what is important in your life.
  3. Be humble. Be coachable. One thing I can tell you from my personal success, is that this the possibly the most important. No one likes the “one upper” friend, or the “know it all”. Or the person who drives the red hot convertible bragging about it constantly. Be ready to be open to most things and learn new ideas. Stay open minded.
  4. Detach yourself from taking things personally. This one is a hard one. It is hard when dealing with close friends, family. Many of the times taking ourselves out of the equation helps us find clarity and peace.
  5. Spend time with loving and supportive humans. This also is a hard task to navigate. As we age, we become less tolerant of the fake person or someone who cannot keep a promise. You must surround yourself with the best parts your tribe has to offer. These are the people you can count on always and who will go to the end of the earth with you. Some humans will sell out, that is okay. Let it go. Leave room in your space to have the quality tribe you deserve.
  6. Sleep on it. This expression is priceless. Sleep is a good idea in a heated situation or feeling unsure of your next move. Helps you reset yourself, and think clearly the following day.
  7. Be positive. Be the sunshine in your own mind. A happy, smiling, vibrant sunshine. Know you can do it, your worth it and your the perfect one to make this happen. Tell yourself nice things. Do nice things for yourself. Be your own friend. We often neglect the relationship with our thoughts and minds. Staying positive will help with those negative thoughts we have from time to time.
  8. Patience. Believe in timing. Know that when the time is right, it will go as planned. Know that the hard work you put into something now, will not go wasted. Be patient with the process of working, relationships. Being patient with yourself is vital. As long as you keep trucking along, you will reach your destination.
  9. Show your LOVE. YES. The world needs it more than ever. Let people know your thinking of them, share a funny comic with them. Let them know that your grateful for them. Leave random messages in a bathroom, random acts of kindness. I love to send flowers to two people once a month at random… if you cannot afford that, keep it small. It is the THOUGHT that counts. You will not be forgotten.
  10. Trust your intuition. Have you ever have that thought at some point when a choice was made, and at the end of your choice is now going south, thinking ” Man. Why did I do this? I knew it was going to be not right.” Follow your gut. If you have a bad feeling about it or feel like something will not pan out….LISTEN!!! It takes practice, but this has avoided me much grief in many situations. If your stomach begins to bother you, take heed!!! Know there is something unsettling about it and do not move forward with it. Stop. Reevaluate. SLEEP ON IT!


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