Homegrown Family Session

I am very excited you chose to check out my website. First of all, Thank you for coming into my space. This is a little information about me, what I am about.

A little bit about me, I am an entrepreneur. I find my passion with is helping others learn natural alternatives, and showing them how to teach others. I am currently teaching CBD and essential oil remedies, as well as running my spa and our pub.

In less than 5 years I was able to take my management career skills to go work for myself. Previously, I had been in sales, management for about a decade. I have a great knowledge about body systems, overall health, and how to deal with people.

Working for myself was the BEST thing to ever happen to me…. I am a skin care specialist, nail technician by trade. I was able to establish clients in less than six months, and open up my own day spa in less than 2 years of working in this industry. My spa has won numerous awards for #1 Day Spa in my community, we have a wait list for about two months for new clients. We have also been blessed with being nominated for Community Caring for our small town.

In August of 2018 my husband and I purchased a pub in our little home town. Recently, I have taken a break from essential oils. I have been diving into the pub, and working closely with my husband.

I also have been excited to begin to educate on the power of CBD oil. I am educating estheticians across the country. Working with people to feel better and look better. I really am enjoying this new avenue.

I also am a lover of crystals, stones and energy work. I am a certified reiki practitioner and healer. If you love the woo-woo ( I like to call it), I will be launching some new modalities soon. I love new age ideas and treatments. We offer some of these at my wellness spa.

I love to help other people see the potential that I see in them. To show people a smarter way of working towards a goal.

My coaching belief is progress not perfection.

Complementary 15 minute phone call is something I offer everyone. Let’s connect. Let’s find out what it is you need, and see if this is a good fit for us.

Much Love,


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